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Droid Notepad is a note taking app for Android. It allows you to take notes quickly any time.

The user interface of Droid Notepad is designed to be simple and effective, there is no complex operation.

Simply type your notes,  then press the back button on your phone. and your notes will be automatically saved.

You can also use it as your stick notes app as it provides stick notes widget in different sizes and colors.

Droid Notepad:https://market.android.com/details?id=com.williamkingdom.droidnotepad

Droid Notepad(Ad-Free):https://market.android.com/details?id=com.williamkingdom.droidnotepadadfree

App features:

– Can assign color label to notes

– Search content of notes

– Drawing function

– Export notes to txt / png file ( need SD Card )

– Can switch between List View and Grid (Sticky note) View

– Sticky note widget in different size and colors

– Can place shortcut on the notification bar for easy access


Comments on: "[Android] Droid Notepad" (3)

  1. […] New Drawing function! Now you can create drawing notes! (Note: Drawing notes will not be displayed in widget) View detail description and function: https://williamkingdom.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/android-droid-notepad/ […]

  2. Hi William, i had sent you a comment earlier about your application Droid Notepad to be uploaded on Mobango.com

    We’re a social free app store looking for fresh and good apps and we selected this app. Please let me know whether you would be interested in uploading the app.

    • Thanks for your interest on my Android app. However, currently I am not interested in publishing the app to other app store apart from the official Google Market.

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