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Really simple reader is a simple and fast RSS reader, users can add their favorite RSS source to the reader, obtaining the latest information anytime, anywhere.

Really simple reader‘s design philosophy is “quick and easy” , minimizing unnecessary operations, users can immediately enjoy reading after installing the app, without having to spend a lot of time on setting and figuring out how to use.

In addition, this Android app also has a Professional Edition, Really simple reader Pro,  providing a beautiful black theme that make text more clear to read.

Really simple reader: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.williamKingdom.reallysimplereader

Really simple readerPro: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.williamKingdom.reallysimplereaderpro

App features:

– Users can freely add their RSS source.

– Provides some suggested useful RSS source, very easy to add.

– Can classify RSS sources into different categories.

– Clearly show which items have been read and which haven’t.

– Offline Reading Mode

– Beautiful black theme, more clear text (Unique feature of Pro version)

– No Ads (Unique feature of Pro version)


Q: Why are some RSS sources takes so long to update?

A: The time to update depends on the network connection speed of your Android phone and the connection speed to the server providing the RSS entries.

Q: Why I cannot click the links in the article?

A: The links in the article cannot be clicked, however  you can click “Visit original article” at the bottom of the article to browse the original site.

Q: Why sometimes the pictures are not loaded? 

A: The picture maybe unavailable, cannot be accessed , or you are using offline mode. Offline mode will store the text, but it does not download images (in the future may have this feature)


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